Amazing Love

 "With Jesus, even in our darkest moments, the best remains; and the very best is yet to be." 
                      ~ Corrie Ten Boom

Tuesday was Lacy's 6 month check up with the neurologist.  We never know what kind of mood will greet us when we go to pick him up.  The appointment was first thing in the morning, but already Lacy was angry and demanding the arrest of his overnight staff.  We were soon caught up in the "dragnet" and our guilt was discussed at the open door of the support center with an "officer."

Thank goodness for Madeline, who showed up at just the right time!  Lacy was all smiles and was ready to go with us.  Madeline promised to cook a great breakfast for him when he returned.

On the way to the appointment, Lacy began to sing a song we haven't heard in a while.  He was totally absorbed in the song, singing with some of the old enthusiasm.

My Lord, what love is this?
That pays so dearly;
That I, the guilty one
May go free!

Kenny and I listened without comment.  We didn't want to ruin the moment, hearing Lacy clearly sing out his favorite worship song of all time.  I have so many clear recollections of Lacy and this song; I can see him singing, his head held high, eyes lifted up to the ceiling.  The melody was rarely clear, but the words were always unmistakable.

Amazing Love, O what sacrifice
The son of God, given for me!
My debt He pays and my death He dies
That I might live.
That I might live.

He continued his song in the office lobby, quietly whispering the next two verses.

And so, they watched Him die
Despised, rejected; 
But, oh, the blood He shed flowed for me!

And now, this love of Christ
Shall flow like rivers;
Come wash your guilt away - live again!

His mind is not the same; his personality has changed forever.  Our conversations are stilted; we are routinely banished from his apartment for some imagined crime, but Lacy's faith in and love for Jesus is intact.


  1. That brought tears to my eyes. There is no one and nothing that can speak to and console the heart like Jesus. We are so so lost with out Him. That is a beautiful picture of G-ds compassion for us. Thank you for sharing your moment with Lacy.


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