Urgent vs. Important

Years ago, I read a book by Charles Swindoll in which he made an observation that has continued to come back to me, reminding me of my priorities.  "Don't let the urgent get in the way of the important."

Yesterday my mom, sister, aunt, and I attended the 90th birthday of my oldest aunt.  Aunt Helen was so happy to see everyone and we felt so blessed to be able to celebrate with her.  What a wonderful celebration we had together!

I needed to clean my house yesterday - it was urgent - but the most important thing to do was to go to Aunt Helen's birthday party.  Would a clean house have been a satisfying substitute for seeing some one so dear - perhaps for the last time?

Remembering that the "urgent" can get in the way of the "important," I've made a promise to myself to go see Lacy at least one day after school each week in addition to the weekends.  Something urgent seems to always comes up at the last minute.  My standing appointment with my son is "important."  The "urgent" will have to wait

I read a letter in the paper a couple of weeks ago from someone who was asking for advice.  She wrote that her grandmother was terminally ill, and she wondered when would be a good time to go and see her?  She was a busy young woman with lots of responsibilities.  Should she wait until her grandmother was near death?  Should she go now?  The answer - always - don't pass up the opportunity to see someone you love.

Our jobs might be demanding.  Kenny and I are always running here or there it seems.  Meetings and obligations fill our time and can become millstones around our necks, dragging us down: The "urgent" conspiring to keep us from doing those things that are "important."

At day's end, it is comforting to know our time has been spent on the important...let the urgent wait.


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