The month of November has always been one of my favorites.  Thanksgiving weekend is the one time all year when my sister, brother, and I all get together with our families and enjoy each other's company.    Eleven years ago, our dad passed away the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  He had looked forward to seeing everyone on that weekend.

I'm not looking as forward to the holidays as I have in past years.  One thing, though, that always lifts my spirits is to purposely begin to "count my blessings."  Expressing thankfulness every day for even one thing changes the way I look at the world and at my life.

Today I'm going to begin early, and mention, daily, my gratefulness for God's blessings.  This is what I think the scripture means "In everything give thanks."  Not that we are thankful for suffering and illness or difficult circumstances, but that in or in spite of everything there is a reason for gratitude.

I am thankful today for the people I love.  My wonderful husband: how could I get through this without him??  God led us to each other, and I am so thankful for our relationship.  My brother and sister and their families who continue to extend their love to us and to make us smile.  My nieces and nephews who bring joy to our lives every day.  My wonderful mom who prays for us every day.  Our sweet son, Lacy, for the joy he brings to us, for his struggle to continue to thrive in spite of HD, for his strong unwavering faith that God will take care of him.

Pain is easy to attend to.  It demands my time and attention.  Gratefulness eases the heart, and helps me to refocus my mind to the good things that HD can never take away.


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