Our sweet Sheltie, Betty, passed away this week.  We made the appointment with the vet on Tuesday morning.  Late that afternoon, our sweet girl died peacefully in our arms.

Betty trusted us completely.  We knew she was suffering, but her quality of life was still pretty good.  Finally, the last couple of days, we knew she had turned a corner, and that we had to make good on a promise we had made to her when we brought her home.  We would do our best to give her a happy life, and we would do right by her at the end.

She was not afraid when she died.  Leaning against us, she quietly slipped from this life to the next -  whatever that is for a wonderful, loving animal.

Betty was not our child, but we loved her.  Her life was important to us.  She offered us devotion and companionship for over 15 years.  We fed and cared for her all of her life.  In return, she loved all three of us with everything she had.

This experience has reminded me that our expressions of love in this life are just a shadow compared to the love that God has for us.  Our lives are important to Him.  What we go through, what we suffer, He shares that with us, gives us strength to endure the bad times, gives us joyful good times.  He is our companion when we feel alone.  He will be with us to the end.  What a comfort to know that we take our first and last breath - and all those in between - in the arms of a loving God.


  1. Very nice! I like the last sentences. We do love our animals, and Betty had the best 'parents'.

  2. She was a very sweet dog. I know how hard it was for us when had to put our Lucky down. Enjoy your Lucky even more now that he is the only one. I think he'll enjoy the added attention.


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