We like Alan, and we want him to stay....

For most of our time as parents, we have had to fight for Alan to get what he needs. We have heard, over and over, words like "He just doesn't fit in." or "We don't know what to do with him." or, my personal favorite, "Can you tell us what works with Alan?"

Our answer usually goes something like this: What works? If we had the answer to that question, we would be living the high life on the money we made from giving answers to parents with children who have these deficits...

We have struggled to get our son into a setting that we believe will allow him to achieve to his potential. We don't know what heights he will reach, as we have had to modify them sometimes day by day, but we know he can do more that what he has done in the past. We have been very happy with this latest placement, because we see growth in independence, not in every area, but in ways that matter to us, and in ways that make Alan feel good about himself.

I got a call today from the gentleman who oversees Alan's case at the apartment complex where Alan lives. He informed me that Alan's counselor thinks he might need to be back in the same setting we transferred him from - an ICF/MR. I was ready for the "We don't think he fits in" speech. Imagine my suprise when I heard this..."But, we like Alan, and we want him to stay."

Someone else sees potential in our son. Someone who has seen it all sees a better future ahead. It's pretty amazing, and very reassuring.


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