Happy Birthday!

Today is Alan's 32nd birthday. I went to see him yesterday. He was excited about his birthday, and the family celebration we will have this weekend. "This is my last day to be 31 years old!" Alan was grinning from ear to ear. I hugged him, saying "I just want to hug the 31 year old Alan one last time." This pleased him.

Today, I will deliver his ice cream cake to the support center, and his dad and I will return this evening to share in the celebration with his friends. Tomorrow, we will take him out to eat at a restaurant of his choice. No, he does not want to spend the night. He wants to get back to his home.

I've been looking at pictures of Alan all week, thinking about the changes we have seen in the last 29 years. He has gone through ups and downs. Our family has enjoyed periods of great joy and devastating defeat. Alan has struggled every day of his life to do his very best all the time. We are proud of him.

He's 32!


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