Year Two

We have entered the second year without our Lacy.  The anniversary date of his passing was very difficult.

The year mark made his absence that much more pronounced.  This is real, and this is permanent.

We are also talking about him more, and the memories include so many happy ones.

Lacy loved to watch the clouds.  He was a weather "nut."  He knew the names of clouds and could identify them by sight.  For years, he would pour over the weather books we bought for him.  I find myself watching the clouds and thinking of how he would examine the skies and tell us what the cloud formations meant.

National Geographic magazines where his favorite reading material.  He like to collect them and put them in order by date.  He could pick one out of a stack of 10 or so and turn to a page that he wanted to share.  He memorized the covers and could tell you what month and year it was published.  One of our friends reminded me this week that when we went to visit, Lacy would organize all her magazines by date.

"Did you know..." preceded Lacy's often amazing knowledge of facts and trivia.  He knew who wrote and performed all his favorite worship songs, and the dates the songs were copyrighted.

It is these reminders of Lacy and his uniqueness that gives us a bittersweet joy and we enter year two without him.   We had so many challenges, and such struggles throughout his life, but he was our greatest joy and taught us so much.  We are thankful to God that He chose us to be Lacy's parents.

We miss our boy, but what a blessing he was to us, and how he enriched our lives and the lives of other people.


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