And Now...

Nearly a year ago, we lost our son.  We had him for such a little while.  Our journey as a family was wild and unpredictable.  We rode that roller coaster in white-knuckled terror.  Every day brought new challenges and adventures.

When Lacy was diagnosed with Huntington's Disease, we knew our whirlwind journey would have an end, and not one we had hoped for.  We prayed for mercy and endurance, and for God's grace as we braced for that last steep climb and the inevitable race pellmell back where we started.

I watch other families grow and nurture their little ones, and I am grateful for what we had, and the joy Lacy brought us.  Our lives weren't easy, but they were full of lessons and revelations.  Even now, I realize new truths as I think about the 33 years with Lacy.

I take great comfort in knowing that God had a plan for Lacy before he was born.  My sadness is eased by knowing that our family was fashioned by God, and that He knew before we came together what the outcome would be.

What mercy God showed us at the end.  Lacy slipped away with no struggle.  I have a feeling that he'd had enough, that Jesus invited him to go home, and that Lacy accepted that invitation with joy.

And we want to walk along side other families who are struggling with HD.  We will never forget the pain and loneliness of living with Huntington's Disease and if we can ease someone else's pain by walking with them, we want to do it.  So many people encouraged us along the way - perhaps we can give back.

In future posts, I plan to share some stories from other families living with HD.  Stay tuned!


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