Roger: Have faith

We've added a new fur baby to our pack.  Roger is also a "tripawd" dog.  He's missing a front leg, just like Violet.

We'd been looking for a friend for Violet, so I posted on FB that we were searching.  That evening, my friend, April, posted a photo of Roger and tagged me.  I took one look, and knew he was our dog.

When I contacted the rescue organization, they were excited that we already had a three-legged dog.  Turns out Kenny had met one of the ladies who heads up For Pets' Sake, so she knew we were ok people.  We took Roger for the weekend, and he's settling in nicely.  We've found a match!

When you adopt a pet, there is a period of adjustment.  New schedules and routines have to be established.  We have to learn each other's body language and vocabulary.   We have to learn to trust each other.   Roger has become a new member of our household.  He's being moved from one place to another.  Right now, he's not "all in" in either place.  He's like that wine being poured into new wineskins (Matthew 9:17).

I've used this analogy many times in my life to explain how I feel when I'm thrust into a  new situation.  I have to learn new routines, and new ways of thinking.  The old has passed away.  The new is here. For a brief time, as I am being poured from old wineskins into new ones, I feel that I am neither here nor there.

I am learning to have faith for each new experience.   Our little family has had to move into so many new wineskins.  We are often perplexed.  We learn new vocabulary, and understand new truths.  We continue to learn to trust that God knows the way, and that He has what we will need to sustain us in every situation.

I see the same trust building in Roger.  He's learning to trust that we will provide for his every need.




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