All We Ever Wished For

Since I completed my graduate degree this summer, I've had more time to write.  Currently, I am working on an article about HD focusing on the personal experiences of folks I have met online and in my support group.   I'm trying to weave in information about HD, caregiver stories, family struggles and triumphs while also keeping my mind on my audience.  My audience is just about everyone since so few people know about HD.

 Everything is tragic about Huntington's Disease, but within each of the stories is a thread of gratitude.  That is what is so amazing about the stories I have heard.  Yes, there is heartache, and sadness.  There is pain, unimaginable suffering and loss.  There is also thankfulness for every day.

Of course, I am including our family's story within the article.  It's allowed me time for reflection. I'm of the age now when I admit I look back on my life a little more than I used to.  I think about myself as a young adult, newly married, and I consider all the dreams I had for this life.  I remember conversations Kenny and I had with each other about what we wanted to accomplish as a couple and later as a family.  I wanted both of us to have success in our careers, have children (more than one in the beginning), and make a keep a happy family.

I have found myself experiencing a sense of gratitude as I write this article.  It is ironic that during the very time that our family is going through the toughest test, there is a profound sense that all our dreams have come true.  I can't explain the  contentment I am experiencing, even though I am frightened of the future and sorrowful for what our son has to endure every day.  We have had the blessing of being parents to the most amazing young man we have ever known.  Our little family, and our extended family, give us so much joy every day.  There is no lingering sadness over what we did not experience, because what we were given was much more fulfilling than anything we could have imagined.  We have all we ever wished for in this life.


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