Mother's Day, 2015

Mother's Day is a "made up" holiday.  It was created at the urging of a leader of the early, early women's movement and signed into permanent holiday status by President Woodrow Wilson.  Since then, of course, it has become a cash cow for card makers, florists, and restaurants.

Still, on this Mother's Day, I was so excited to see my boy.  Not that this day was different than others, but that the day was a reminder to me of how blessed I am to be a mom to Lacy.  Lacy was happy to see us, and we were able to take a wonderful picture.

As I leaned in for the photo, I could feel Lacy's body moving non-stop.  His shoulders were constantly in motion.  Here comes the chorea I was thinking to myself as we smiled.  Lacy hasn't had constant chorea up to now, but leaning in I felt it.  Still, it was a happy day.  Five minutes after this photo was taken, Lacy was threatening to send his dad to jail.  We needed to leave.  

In the last month, we've been looking for another chair for Lacy.  Most folks with HD routinely break furniture since they tend to "drop" rather than sit carefully in a chair.  They just don't have the muscle strength to control their descent.  We had decided that we needed to get a lift recliner chair for him, one with electric controls.  That way, he could lean back, and could use the controls to help him in and out of the chair when needed.  Those chairs are expensive, but Kenny and I were prepared to pay the price of a good chair.

A couple of weeks ago, I remembered that a friend at school and her husband buy and sell various items.  Jennifer's husband goes to auctions and buys new products - "Pennies on the dollar" Jennifer says - and sells them at a profit, still giving their customers a great deal.  I asked her if David ever came across lift recliner chairs.  The result of this simple inquiry netted us three reclining lift chairs for a fraction of the cost of one.  We decided to buy more than one so that we could have some in reserve for when we needed another.  Jennifer and David have blessed us far more than we can ever express.  We picked the first of the three chairs up on Mother's Day.  The rest we will move to storage next week.  

All in all, Mother's Day was wonderful.  I am so thankful to be the mom of a wonderful young man.  I am proud of his accomplishments.  He has overcome more in his life than I ever will.  Thank you, Lacy for making me a proud Mama.


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