"...as long as it is till called 'Today'..."

About two years ago, I spent a day with my mother.  She had a doctor's appointment that day and, for some reason, we had to come back to her assisted living home and return to the doctor's office later.  I remember feeling anxious that I was spending more time that I had planned on this appointment, but I consciously put aside that anxiety, and reminded myself that I should focus instead on spending time with Mom.  I chose not let the feeling that I should be doing "something else" blind me to the precious time I had been given.  I can remember our lunch together, the laughter we shared, and the tenderness we exchanged.  Only a few months later she was gone.

Yesterday I had a similar moment of clarity.  Lacy had a doctor's appointment.  He had fallen on Thursday and we wanted the doc to check out his injuries.  Knowing how things go now, I arrived at LifeStyles an hour before we had to leave.  Sure enough, he ordered me out of the room.  I had to wait until he had taken a nap before I was able to get him into the van for the trip to the appointment.
All went well during his 15 minute appointment.  On the way back, we stopped at Sonic to get a drink.  By the time we arrived back at his home, he was agitated.  M and I tried to convince him to get out of the van, but it was useless.  He and I sat there together for 90 minutes.

I felt that familiar anxiety.  I needed to get back to school.  Realizing that I wouldn't be able to return to work on time, I texted my assistant principal to let her know.  I am so grateful that the administrators at my building understand my situation and never begrudge the time I have to take for Lacy.

Sitting beside Lacy in the van, I treasured this time.  We were quiet.  He never looked at me, but whispered to someone in his imagination.  We enjoyed a rather companionable silence.  Watching him struggle with his own paranoia, I waiting knowing that he would eventually look at me and let me know he was ready to go inside for lunch.  Eventually that was what happened, and he happily left the van and went inside.

I was thankful for that day with Mom, and the beautiful lesson I learned that day.  My experience with my mother gave me the insight to accept the gift of time.

In Hebrews 3, the author reminds the readers to enter the rest of God through obedience.  "But encourage one another day after day,  as long as it it still called 'Today,' lest any of you be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin."

It is so easy to be blinded to the gift of time we receive on days like this.  I find my heart hardened by my anxiety over the urgent things, and my eyes blinded to the important.  While it is still today, I want to enter His rest.


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