Lacy the Faithful

I had a new friend ask me about Huntington's Disease recently.  I appreciate when folks genuinely want to know about HD.  In order to answer, I first asked I asked three questions:

"Do you know what Parkinson's Disease is?"

"Are you are familiar with ALS?"

"Do you know something about Alzheimer's Disease?"

Yes to all three.

"Huntington's Disease is like having these three diseases all at the same time."

My friend was stunned.

Taking a hard look at this disease, straight on, takes a lot of energy.  It is painful and hopeless.  That is the truth of the disease.

Our struggle, every day, is to take a long hard look at God's faithfulness.

Think of Peter walking toward Jesus on the water.  I've never been in a boat during a violent storm.  From the few pictures I have seen - documentaries and such - I know it is harrowing to say the least.  The noise is overpowering, the waves and wind make it hard to stand upright.  Here is Peter, walking toward Jesus.  He is doing fine until the sound and the fury, the hopelessness, of the storm get to him.  He sinks, crying out for Jesus to save him.

"Oh man of little faith, why did you doubt?" 

I do feel twinges of doubt from time to time.  Will we have the strength to keep going?  Can we keep our eyes on Jesus when the wind and waves reach their fever pitch?  The boat rocks from side to side now.  Sometimes we fall to our knees, but we get back up and regain our balance.

I've been considering Lacy's witness in my life for several weeks now.  The way he lives day to day is a testament to God's love and faithfulness.  Lacy never fails to worship, especially when he is feeling bad.  He sings his songs to God continually.  He does not doubt, not for a second.   I am humbled when I consider Lacy, faithful servant of God.  We taught him; now he is teaching us.  Lord, help me imitate his faith.


  1. What a testimony. I didn't know these things about him.


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