"Just let it go..."

January was the month for medical appointments.  Lacy had three in a row one week, which has been a problem in the past.  Not so this time.  It seems that Lacy is getting a little more mellow, and he has been happy to go to an appointment if it means he can get a Sonic drink afterward.

As we waited at the neurologist's office, Lacy began to tell us about a person at LifeStyles who is "drinking all my soft drinks."  Lacy explained that this "hideous, dangerous person" was drinking up all the soft drinks Lacy had, and even causing Lacy to spill the drinks he does get.

"You can't do anything about it," Lacy explained.  "He is dangerous.  You can't get in his way.  You have to just let it go."

This dangerous person is, of course, Huntington's Disease.  Lacy explains his weakness and lack of control on a "hideous, dangerous person" who does not exist.  As Lacy explained this to us, he wasn't afraid, just matter of fact.  You can't do anything about HD.  You just have to let it go.

I am always amazed at how God reveals truths to Lacy.  Through dreams and insights, Lacy has always explained his understanding of God's character and His provision.  He is able to "let it go" knowing that there is nothing to be done, and wasting time on worrying is not something Lacy wants to do.


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