"...and be doing that..."

One of Lacy's most memorable "sayings" was "and be doing that."  He would punctuate many statements with that phrase.

"We will open presents and be doing that."
"I will sing my praises to God and be doing that."

Kenny and I have used these words a lot, as parents do when a child comes up with a particularly memorable turn of a phrase or jumbled word.

I've asked myself over and over:  What does "and be doing that" really mean?

It means we will be in the moment, giving ourselves totally to what we are doing.  It means we will be continuously in that frame of mind.

Lacy has not used this phrase for a long time now.  His vocabulary has changed with many twists and turns that often don't make sense.  "Neologisms" (made up words) punctuate some of his speech now.  Still, I believe he is living "and be doing that" every day.

Christmas Day is fast approaching.  We will be together, eating our Christmas brunch, opening gifts, and remembering that is is "basically a joyful season."  We will rejoice and count our blessings "and be doing that."


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