Singing Praises

Lacy is such a man of faith.  What a blessing this is to us, and how heartbreaking it can be, too.

Lacy tells me often, "When I feel tired, I lay down and sing my praises to God."  He has so many worship songs memorized, and he sings them every day, especially when he is fatigued.  For years he has sung his praises, and held "No repeat weekends" when he would sing a couple of days straight.

For what it's worth, we have tried to explain that HD is causing the symptoms he experiences, but he doesn't understand.  He gets angry at us for saying such things.  Lacy tells us often he prays that God will strengthen him and keep him from having symptoms.

It is easy to be angry with God when Lacy prays with childlike faith and nothing happens.   Our son is comforted when he lies down and sings his praises.  He goes to sleep with a beatific smile on his face.  He is surrounded by God's love and presence.

I pray that God will be merciful, that God will reward Lacy for his faithfulness.  I don't know what that mercy will ultimately look like, but I am confident that God's grace surrounds us, and that we are living in his mercy now.


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