"They have been good to me..."

When we went to pick Alan up for a Doc appointment on Friday, his care worker told me that he has been telling his adoption story to everyone over the last week.

"He just started telling everyone who would listen that he was adopted," Madeline said. She told us the story went something like this:

"Did you know I am adopted? My mom and dad are not my real mom and dad. They adopted me when I was a little boy, not a baby. They are not my real mom and dad, but they have been good to me, and they taught me a lot of very good things."

High praise. We cherish this small window into Alan's mind. We have wondered over the years what Alan thinks about being adopted. Now it seems he is becoming introspective, to a point, and telling that story in his own words.

You can't ask for a better commentary on your parenting.


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