New Normal

Now that our son has been diagnosed with Huntington's Disease, we are trying to keep ourselves from looking for "new" symptoms. It is hard to do, since we know we will eventually see the signs that the disease is progressing. Saturday, we visited with Alan for quite a while, sitting in his apartment as we talked. We saw some subtle changes. The undulating 'chorea' movements were more pronounced in his body movements. We hear from the staff who work with him that he sometimes has difficulty walking, and we saw that ourselves when we took him out to eat on Sunday.

When I hear of these difficulties, or see the changes myself, it breaks my heart. I am praying that I will come to a point that I will not feel paralyzed with sadness, panic, fear, or anger. I am believing that this will become the new normal and that I will learn to accept the ups and downs of this diagnosis.


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