Temple Grandin

This weekend, we watched the HBO movie Temple Grandin. Temple Grandin was in Northwest Arkansas this last month, although I did not get a chance to hear her speak.

I was so moved as I watched this film. The parallels to our life with Alan were astonishing. Although Alan does not possess the clarity of mind that Ms. Grandin enjoys, so much of the story resonated with me.

We pushed and pushed Alan, always stressing manners, forcing him to get out and be a part of the wider community. And, like Temple's mother, sometimes we have felt that our efforts were just not good enough. Alan has made progress, and is beginning to enjoy some of the independence we had hoped for him.

In looking back on my posts, I see a pendulum swing of emotions, and I think this is not unique to our family. Feelings of elation and defeat sometimes run through our hearts one one day. Feelings of success one day, a sense of hopelessness the next.

At the end of the film Temple explains that her mother's constant pushing was the key to her life as a successful adult. Tears ran down my cheeks, I covered my face and sobbed right in our living room. Not tears of despair, but a kind of relief that maybe we have been on the right road all along.


  1. Debbie, I heard Ms Grandin on NPR not long ago. It was wonderful to hear someone who herself has autism talk about handling it and what it's like. We hear so few stories from adults with autism.

    Love your blog! And love all of you too!
    Lisa F

  2. Debbie...love reading your blog. You hit the nail on the head. Temple Grandin is here this week. She will be doing a book signing on Thursday,which I plan to go to. She is part of a big seminar on Friday, but I can't go to that. Hope you have a great week.

    Tammy K.


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