At Sam's club

Well, you see alot at Sam's Club. Yesterday, shopping at our local Sam's, I saw an older woman and her daughter. The daughter was developmentally delayed, probably in her late 30's or early 4o's, but with that innocent look. The daughter was not verbal, but definitely let her wishes be known - she struck out on her own, away from mom, pell-mell thru the warehouse, headed for the door. Mom runs after her, and leads her back with a promise "We'll go home soon." Daughter grabs the first friendly person she sees, obviously pleading with someone to take her somewhere else. Lots of stares, a few disapproving looks, some folks obviously filled with pity. Mom was very patient, and helped to focus daughter on something else. It's times that those that I want to walk up to the person and say "I know what you are going through, I know you are doing your best, it's ok, who cares if people watch?" It takes guts to just live your life. That's true for anyone, regardless of circumstances.

We all live our lives in a fishbowl, and are always on someone's radar.


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